This Page about My Portolio

I am working as Business Analyst, Content Writer and Youtube Creator.

There are two samples my work from 2012 months July until now:

About Portofolio Content Writer…….. I am forget how much I am write and review.., but below are just samples about my portofolio working portofolio about Blog, E-Marketing, E-Commerce, Forum Online, Startups and Website from many kinds of types and categories had been I write  and review since July 2012. Thanks You and If You want to ask or give question and project can comment add my post.. I will reply on it if I am not busy.… Thanks you.  For the question why I can write and review so many…because that’s my talent 🙂

Want to ask about my service and product can contact me at :
085 883 109 902 (Juliawan Chandra Wijaya)

1. Working As Business Analyst

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2. Working As Content Writer

Portofolio Juliawan C.W. Under Construction

Portofolio Juliawan C.W. Under Construction










3. Working As Youtube Creator

Melayani Kursus Youtube Bagi Yang Ingin Belajar Membangun Channels Dari Fundamental Sampai Advanced 🙂

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